The Verde Valley is surrounded by the Mingus Mountains and Woodchute Mountains and is traversed by the Verde River. The Verde Valley area is located in the Central region of Arizona and is comprised of several communities:
Camp Verde
This pretty area is surrounded by national forests and plenty of nice scenery. Hiking, fishing, camping and scenic driving are all popular. The Verde Valley is easily accessible off I-17. The area is about 50 miles south of Flagstaff and 90 miles north of Phoenix. The Verde Valley is often called Arizona's 'Other' Grand Canyon.

Verde Canyon Railroad offers passengers the opportunity to see a beautiful red rock canyon up close in all its seasonal glory. Considered one of the finest scenic train rides in North America, be assured you'll want to return with friends and family again and again. A perfect addition to any vacation.

Verde Canyon Railroad Website

The Verde Valley is a great place to unwind and enjoy a day of meditation. Experience the majesty of the area which embraces a unique balance of spirituality and beauty.

What to look for in the area, a list of attractions and highlights
in the Verde Valley Region. Unlimited adventures await your visit.
National Forests
Coconino National Forest
Oak Creek Canyon
National Mounments
Montezuma Castle
Montezuma Well
Sinagua Indian Dwellings
State Parks
Dead Horse Ranch State Park
Fort Verde State Historic Park
Jerome State Historic Park
Red Rock State Park
Slide Rock State Park
Heritage sites with ancient rock art
Commercial Attractions
Out of Africa Wildlife Park
Verde Canyon Railroad
Blazin' M Ranch
Cliff Castle Casino
Evening Sky Tours
Chapel of The Holly Cross
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